“Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming.”

All I can say is these past few days have been crazy. It has been emotional upheaval and my physical health went completely downhill to the point I ended up in the hospital after an extremely bad lumbar puncture. With all that, you would think I would be lost in fear, anxiety, depression, wanting to completely die… Well, the me of the past would have gone straight there and stayed there for months, if not years.

Instead, I went to my centered and grounded place, which is a place where things still affect me, but they do not devastate me. I don’t know if there is a name truly for this place inside, but we all have it if you are willing to accept it is there. For me, I just like to think of it as my authentic center. It is my center that knows no matter what is thrown at at me, I have myself. Everyday, I come to love my inner, authentic self more and more. I realize she is not bound to all the upheaval and disasters that seem to keep showing themselves in my life. What I am bound to is my love and light inside and the real and honest love and light that is sent my way through other people.

So, I never quote movies as I never watch them, but for some reason “just keep swimming. Just keep swimming” popped out at me today as it’s a representation of the power to just continue on no matter if you don’t know where you are going, you are tired, and completely lost. That’s me today, but I’m going to keep going! You do too!



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