I See Some Beauty

First this will be short as I’m sicker than sick and typing this on my phone while lying on my bathroom floor waiting for my stomach to reject something else, but blogging is a good distraction!

Second, sorry it’s been a bit. Orchestrating moving to a new home right after major surgery was complicated and tiring, but really, I ran out of data, and the WiFi wasn’t connected yet!

I just wanted to point out quickly that being a victim of trauma, whether it be a lifetime or a few moments gives you something beautiful. It allows you to see beauty!

I realized after hanging out with some “normeies” that they just don’t get as inspired by things as me. When you’ve spent your life imprisoned by your C/PTSD symptoms, you get to see beauty on a level that is so much greater. I recognized this also after having a conversation with a woman with extreme trauma as we laughed about trying to explain epic beauty to people who didn’t get it. Then again, they don’t get us.

I love my “normie” friends as they teach me by example how to deal with cognitive distortions created by my trauma, but I love I get to see things they don’t.

Not too short after all! Gotta go though. Not feeling amazing!



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