So I decided I want to start a movement of #toomuch (unless someone already started it, and I’m just naive).

Nonetheless, have you ever been accused of being too much? I have over and over in a negative way. My story is too much. My trauma is too much. My personality is too much. My sharing with people is too much.

Trauma causes many of us to be “too much”. We question what we should tell people about our past and if we overshared and if our existence is just too much for the world to handle.

I know people have disappeared from my life constantly for my being “too much”, and I thought of myself as bad for it. BUT someone suggested the other day that I was just honestly and authentically me. Perhaps “too much” means you’re on a path to being “too amazing”?

I am choosing from today forward that I will never accept this as a character attack and will beautifully and authentically embrace my too much and the fact that I can definitely be over the top.

If people can’t deal with the real me, then I’m not sure I can deal with them.

Who’s with me in being #toomuch?



4 thoughts on “#toomuch”

  1. I like this. I’ve absolutely been called #toomuch, and on the list of trauma in my life, never thought about it. I agreed for many years, but it really is an emotionally abusive label we should take back.


    1. Let’s take it back! So much better than being called “boring” or “apathetic”. After dating someone who would never be called #toomuch, and the relationship subsequently ending, I decided I need passionate people in my life. I love #toomuch


  2. I like that idea of taking it back. A genius is overflowing with ideas, knowledge, out of the box thinking, makes incredible contributions to mankind. Would we limit Einstein& say too much., we aren’t ready for that one…..What about the many artists with varied styles that inspire us, lift our spirits, create & amplify beauty in the world. Would we say take back these & reduce your output… you are overwhelming us? Or tell Mother Theresa to go home you are giving us the guilts?! Or perhaps suggest to the architects and engineers that changed our world & amazed us with their accomplishments.. get a life, we prefer dirt roads & simple bridges. I’ll take too much…. we need too much of creation in our world. … If I would offer to give back some of my “too much”, what part of me would I also loose in the process….. a strong part. An unusual part that knows beauty, joy, pain, & wisdom can result from our journey & are companions we have come to know. To be honest there are times when I think my pain or loneliness are too much & I pray for a time out…. sometimes I have to continue on… other times I receive a gift. How long will my life full of “too much “will continue? Life can take surprising turns, & one meets a new friend, a traveling companion, there is laughter, learning, companionship, new ways of coping. Someone there to hold space for you even if the too much can’t be taken away. That can cause a shift within… a true gift. Recently, I was given a new diagnosis that holds the promise of at least some lessening of too much…. perhaps the hope of a return to a life with more possibilities. That would be too much!🙃


    1. An amazing explanation of why #toomuch is too necessary in this world. People who push the envelope of normal make change. If we as trauma survivors can harness our #toomuch and put our passion into something incredible, could you imagine the change that could come??


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