Back to Concrete Things that Help

I started to write posts about concrete things that help me cope and manage and live well awhile ago. Tonight, I’m going to write about plants and light.

When I was mired deep in the throes of depression and anxiety, I didn’t want to face the world. The sun rising every morning was an assault to the fact that I was miserable, but the world could still be so cheery with light. It was irritating as I just wanted to live in darkness. I had dark curtains, sleeping masks, and anything to keep it all as black as I felt.

The other thing I always killed were plants. Plants like light and there wasn’t much of it in my spirit for life nor my physical space. Plants represented a huge failure of my ability to sustain much of anything.

Today, I try to keep my house very light filled, physically and emotionally. On days I feel terrible, the light can begin as very annoying, but allowing it and not buying black out curtains or surrounding myself in dark is a huge mood lifter even on the days it all feels overwhelming.

You know what I did with the money I saved on blacking out my house? I bought plants! They are rapidly growing and thriving and besides the dogs, it’s wonderful to have other living things in the house. I enjoy tending to them, and I observe them daily for new growth. Metaphorical…

The guy I was dating once said my house was too bright, too much light. Haha. Get out! Feeling a bit lighter hearted and scattered!

Go open your curtains and enjoy the beauty of something green in your space. I promise it will make just the slightest of difference (once you get past how bitterly irritatingly cheerful it is!)



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