Friendship is Texting. Friendship is Facebook.

As someone who is 43, the new reality of friendship has been extremely hard for me to accept. I thrive on actual phone conversation and meeting in person. This isn’t reality for most people.

I was spewing an agenda of connection and being together. I was getting angry that no one was offering to come see me or help me as my life is becoming laughable at how difficult it is with my multiple rare diagnoses that keep stacking up. I couldn’t understand how friends didn’t want to be social when being social can feel so good–to me.

It seems like everyone I know is suffering from social anxiety somewhere on the spectrum. Just because I want to see people in person doesn’t mean anyone else wants to. I have my theory on why such a rise on social anxiety, but I don’t have anything to back them, so I’ll leave that until I get some research off google, haha!

I get a ton of support with people texting me and on Facebook. Friends say the most incredible things to me. They say things through these formats that are amazing. I wasn’t giving merit to it. I wanted to see people…

Friendship has changed. Whether we are actually too busy to connect in person or not, we all perceive to be. Friends taking the time to send me well thought texts or incredible comments on Facebook is friendship today. I might not like it, but I have to appreciate it.

I will have to love that an incredible amount of people are very loving and supportive via electronic formats. I have to acknowledge that friendship means something different today than it did when I was learning about what it meant to be a friend.

In those moments i get to see people in person, I have to love and appreciate it for the gift it is. I understand that friendship has changed. I hope others will also honor, occasionally, that an in person contact is what I need too.

Virtual hugs will never feel as good as a real one. I will argue that without scientific research a million times over.

To my texting friends and friends who show support me through Facebook, keep it up! I love you and take it as it is.

To people who read and support my blog, you are also a gift.



2 thoughts on “Friendship is Texting. Friendship is Facebook.”

  1. 💜 I really, really value in person, and “in voice” connections. It has been one of the worst impacts of this illness to have verbal and physically present conversations become such a huge energy cost. Talking to my children over dinner can use up most of my day’s energy and sometimes can cause a new spiral downward. So even though I’ve moaned about the dangers of being primarily technologically connected (and still see those dangers), I’m incredibly grateful for the ability to connect so widely through writing on my phone.


    1. I value them so much too. I agree that energy is spent really quickly. My once daily routine of working to rehabilitate my body means I don’t have time to keep up on anything related to my home. On nights I have my son, I have to forego any self care as I just don’t have it. It’s a decision no one should have to make!


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