Learning to Love Things About Yourself You Used to Hate

I’m sure if you were to look at this picture, you would say, “yup, that’s Lizzie”, especially if you know me personally.

I used to NEVER have a genuine smile ever. I did today and do often. I am lucky to have the opportunity to realize that along the way for an entire lifetime, I have had people who have genuinely believed in me and gone above and beyond for me in all walks of life. I’ve been questioning why I was so deserving? I realized I wasn’t necessarily deserving. If we all look back on our lives, we probably all have people who went above and beyond for us. The recognition of who they were, especially when still in the depths of misery might be hard. I have gone above and beyond for others as I believed in them. They might not still be in my life, but the people who went above and beyond for me might not be in my life anymore either. The important part is that I recognize the gifts they gave me.

So this post is appreciating things I used to hate about me. I’m going to use the above picture to dissect some physical characteristics I used to hate.

1. I have a crooked smile. It’s barely noticeable, but if you look at my lower lip, it’s crooked. My mom told me not to smile as my “crookedness” was ugly. Ha! Now people tell me my smile lights up a room!

2. This one will probably be really funny. Besides not smiling so I could hide my crooked smile, I have imperfect teeth. You are supposed to have 4 flat teeth in front and then your pointy teeth. I was born with only two front flat teeth. My pointy teeth are right after my only 2 front flat teeth. My mom said it proved I was the devil having the point teeth so close to the front. Ha! People always ask how I have such perfect teeth. My added bonus was that I never had to have my upper wisdom teeth removed as my genetic defect left enough room to keep my wisdom (teeth). 😊

3. I didn’t truly ever look people in the eyes for years as my mom told me people could look into my green devil eyes and see my evil soul. Ha! People have told me for years what beautiful eyes I have. I only recently learned that only 5% of people have green eyes and most rare. Green eyes are also the only eye color that changes with mood or illness. Mine can range from an almost gray to blue. Lighter and sparkly usually means I feel emotionally and physically well. Very dark is usually a sign of bad health, whether emotional or physical. The interesting thing that despite being very physically sick, my green eyes only turned light and sparkly the past couple years as I have healed so much of the emotional stuff.

This isn’t so much about proving to you that I’m beautiful in my imperfections. This is a representation of so much learning about myself that many things that make me unique are wonderful despite all the lies I was told that being unique in my ways was bad or ugly. The people telling me those things had something wrong with THEM, not me.

What unique trait do you have that you were told was terrible, but the reality is that it’s wonderful? It might take some digging to appreciate yourself. As I truly evict the ugly lies of my family and other abusive people in my life, I find moments of falling in love with me. I also find moments of grief for not utilizing what made me unique as I believed the lies for so long.

What is a lie you were told you can discard today with what the truth is? I challenge you!



2 thoughts on “Learning to Love Things About Yourself You Used to Hate”

    1. Thanks for appreciating it my dear teacher of what it is to be normal 😂
      It’s an interesting and exciting time to understand the “love” I’ve known had nothing to do with love. As I realize it more and more, I attract true love (friendships currently of course!)
      Love you


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