Ending My 43rd Trip Around The Sun

This was my morning epic yoga fail where I discovered multiple accidental somersaults just might be the cure for the pain of spinal fusion and degenerative disc disease. I should have made a video where I was laughing. Any takers for my new “physical therapy”?

What a year 43 has been. Plenty to grieve, lots of tears as well as some unexpected laughs, gains, victories, and I guess just the course that life takes. (A dear person pointed this out. Can’t take all the credit).

I had so many moments of wanting to give up, but I probably equally had more, to numerous more moments of wanting to conquer and be better. I didn’t succeed at lots in my year of 43, but I did overcome.

I managed to find iyengar yoga to manage my pain and feel strong 💪. I am excited for wheelchair basketball to begin again. I gained some insights into my health about what works and what doesn’t.

I close this trip around the sun with a heavy heart, but it’s also a full heart. You can be both sad and joyful, yin/yang, bad/good, but the most important is to stay in the middle.

My 43rd year ends with having some extremely special people in my life that I treasure dearly, knowing that I found ability in disability, and honoring that the past doesn’t always stay in the past.

I felt like it was a year of integrity, learning lessons, and while birthday eves always feel a little bittersweet to me, I look back on my year no matter how hard it was, to pat myself on the back and say, “you did pretty well Lizzie with all you have been handed”.


An almost 44 Lizzie

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